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Inline format: place inline switch next to mode toggle
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Place inline switch toggle according to designs


inline-switch-toggle-active.png (234ร—537 px, 51 KB)

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 15.30.04.png (1ร—1 px, 1 MB)

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@HMonroy Please see the following findings below, thanks!

Environment: Local
Skins: Vector 2022, 2010, Monobook, Minerva, Timeless
Browsers: Chrome 114, Firefox 114, Safari 16.5
OS: macOS 13.4

The Good

Wikitext/Inline-OffWikitext/Inline-OnVisual/Inline-DisableInline by itself- OffInline by itself- Off*
T336716_BetterDiffs_WikitextInlineOff.png (924ร—3 px, 383 KB)
T336716_BetterDiffs_WikitextInlineOn.png (592ร—3 px, 243 KB)
T336716_BetterDiffs_Visual_Disable.png (828ร—3 px, 358 KB)
T336716_BetterDiffs_JustInlineOff.png (1ร—3 px, 415 KB)
T336716_BetterDiffs_JustInlineOn.png (757ร—3 px, 323 KB)

The Minors

Monobook Skin- Blue does not appear like the other skins when selecting Visual, Wikitext, or Inline.

T336716_BetterDiffs_MonobookGrey.png (801ร—3 px, 359 KB)

Also when you do a refresh, for a split second, it brings up "Table" with all the selections being connected. Not sure if you wanted to clean that up or just leave it.

T336716_BetterDiffs_Refresh_Multi.png (771ร—3 px, 321 KB)

When selecting Wikitext w/Inline on and switching to Visual, then click Refresh: Is it supposed to be like Chrome or Firefox/Safari?
Chrome- defaults to whatever is selected between Visual or Wikitext w/Inline off
Firefox- defaults to Wikitext and Inline off
Safari- defaults to Wikitext and Inline off

Are the numbers supposed to look like this in Visual, also the .jpg removal?

T336716_BetterDiffs_VisualDiff1.png (1ร—3 px, 547 KB)

When testing in RTL, the inline toggle on button is removed and just displays in all blue.

T336716_BetterDiff_WikitextOn_RTL.png (743ร—3 px, 326 KB)

Tested existing toggles in beta that are shown when editing an article and inserting a table.

The OOUI toggle RTL looks all blue in vector. This is an existing OOUI issue.

Screenshot from 2023-06-29 13-04-48.png (684ร—1 px, 144 KB)

For Monobook, the existing toggles also have a different blue.

Screenshot from 2023-06-29 13-16-50.png (511ร—1 px, 187 KB)

Thank you for bringing this up @GMikesell-WMF !

@HMonroy Ok sounds good. I didn't come across anything else so I will move this to the Done column now. Thanks for looking it over and for the work!