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SX: Confirmation step should be displayed when continuing in-progress page translations
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Currently when a draft page translation (either lead section translation or page translation created in CX) is selected inside the dashboard or the article search screens, the user is navigated directly to the "Pick a sentence" step.

However, it would be preferable to display the confirmation step first, so that the user can select their preferred target language. This ticket proposes that the confirmation step should be displayed with the below adjustments:

Standard Confirmation step for new articlesProposed Confirmation step for new articles when there is a translation for them
bn.m.wikipedia.org_w_index.php_title=%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%BF%E0%A6%B6%E0%A7%87%E0%A6%B7_%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%BF%E0%A6%B7%E0%A6%AF%E0%A6%BC%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%B8%E0%A7%8D%E0%A6%A4%E0%A7%81_%E0%A6%85%E0%A6%A8%E0%A7%81%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%BE%E0%A6%A6&from=en&pag.png (568×320 px, 186 KB)
bn.m.wikipedia.org_w_index.php_title=%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%BF%E0%A6%B6%E0%A7%87%E0%A6%B7_%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%BF%E0%A6%B7%E0%A6%AF%E0%A6%BC%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%B8%E0%A7%8D%E0%A6%A4%E0%A7%81_%E0%A6%85%E0%A6%A8%E0%A7%81%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%BE%E0%A6%A6&from=en (1).png (568×320 px, 186 KB)

Scenario to test:

  1. Visit Section Translation application
  2. Open the in-progress list and select a page translation - that is either lead section translation or page translation created in CX - to continue. (You may need to create one such draft translation if there is none in your "in-progress" list.)
  3. The confirmation step appears, with a "Continue translation" button present
  4. Clicking on the "Continue translation" button navigates the user to the "Pick a sentence" step
  5. Changing the target language lets the user to create a new translation as usual.

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