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CRS creating project page for Multiblocks
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What is the problem/what do you want to achieve?

The CommunityTech team has chosen their next wish which we kicked off through this meeting:
We want to update the interested communities about potential updates along the way, explain the complexity of the feature, give relevant background information and have a place to discuss our approach and need a wiki page for that.

Investigation ticket:

Relevant documentation:

How can we help you?

Create the required project page and update it on a regular basis by observing replies and collecting necessary information from the wish lead and PM.

What does success look like?

Success looks like having a project page with all relevant current findings and status quo that links to relevant tickets and encourages community engagement according to the standard that has been set by other project pages that CommTech owns.

What is your deadline?

8th of September if possible

Event Timeline

I'm talking to Karolin about what needs to be done. Trying to work on a draft.

STei-WMF renamed this task from CRS Creating project page for multi blocks to CRS creating project page for Multiblocks.Sep 22 2023, 6:26 AM
STei-WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)

CommTech has changed the project name from Multi-blocks to Multiblocks. I have updated the task title to reflect this.

Additional tasks

  • Updating task description on Phabricator
  • Clarify and agree on timelines
  • Monitoring and managing the level of technical language and jargon to make sure the project pages serve both Admins who are the end users of this requested feature, as well as other participants who voted for this wish but may need less technical explanations about what CommTech is working on
  • Updating the project pages
  • Raise the issue of possible overlaps with other projects in the broader Trust & Safety Product space hence further discussions. This will help our community outreach more efficiently clarify things for the community on what we are doing and what we are not.
  • Raise awareness for CommTech to work closely with wish proposers and voters if necessary.
  • Starting an Asana entry
  • Keep broader MoveComms colleagues informed of the project

Additional description:

The request for Multiblocks was the #14 most popular in the 2023 Community Wishlist Survey.

The community request is to give Admins more options when blocking people by allowing the layering of different blocks.

Investigations into whether this would require an en.wikipedia or global community outreach are ongoing to determine which communities we will be engaging.

If all goes well, the first activity is launching the project page to tell all stakeholders that CommTech has completed investigations and will fulfill the wish.

Requested page's URL:

Stakeholders/target audience:

  • Wish proposer and voters
  • Admins
  • Wishlist followers
  • en.wikipedia (or global audience, depending on my investigation)

Another ticket on my radar:

You want me to move this to done?