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Reconfigure Suggested Edits `event_comment` values sent with edits
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Part of our KRs for Patroller Tasks asks to compare Suggested Edit activities with Patroller Tasks edit events - for this we can use data from mediawiki_history but in order for us to best use that data we will need to update or change the text values sent with successful Suggested Edits that populate the event_comment field in that dataset. This will also help us advance better edit tracking in general.

Current values sent are somewhat generic "#suggestededit-add" and not specific to edit type so we rely on additional Commons or Wikidata tags to sort the data, this does not work when we have edits on regular language wikis Samples/examples. The changes suggested below are open for feedback/discussion but some solution that applies a specific label to each type of suggested edit going forward will be a great help, especially since we rely on mediawiki_history data as our edit event source of truth.

Note: These values have been reconfigured and will be moved to Special:Tags see for updated values.

Android Edits:

Edit TypeSuggested Edit Event Comment
Article description add#suggestededit-add-desc
Article description change#suggestededit-change-desc
Article description translate#suggestededit-translate-desc
Image caption add#suggestededit-add-caption
Image caption translate#suggestededit-translate-caption
Image tag#suggestededit-add-tag
Image Recommendation add*#suggestededit-add-image-top OR #suggestededit-add-image-infobox (both are used)
Patrol Task rollback#suggestededit-patrol-rollback
Patrol Task Undo/Revert#suggestededit-patrol-undo

|Watchlist Undo|#watchlist-undo DEPRECATED
|Watchlist Rollback|#watchlist-rollback DEPRECATED

Diff Undo#diff-undo
Diff Rollback#diff-rollback

*The revamped event comments for 'Image rec add' have already been implemented. I have included proposed comments in Instrumentation Planning for Patroller Tasks as well.

iOS Edits: (Pending implementation) See: T348201: iOS `event_comment` values to send with edit events

Event commentEdit typeEdit interface
#article-section-source-editorarticle section editnative editor
#article-full-source-editorarticle full source editnative editor
#article-select-source-editorArticle select edit entry pointnative editor
#talk-full-source-editortalk page full source editnative editor
#article-add-descarticle description add (EN and Wikidata)default
#diff-undodiff undo buttondefault
#talk-replytalk page new replydefault
#talk-topictalk page new topicdefault

Event Timeline

@Sharvaniharan note I added a new event_comment value for Undo edits done from with the Watchlist interface - this isn't the only place users can trigger Undo events so let's discuss - let me know if this is possible to add - thanks!

I am going to assume this is the Android ticket and teh iOS one has been spun off already