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Parser cache infrastructure for OutputTransform
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See; this is step 3 and 4 of the "initial proposal":

  1. Add ParserOption::get/setFlavor() (not included in cache key), and add support in ParserOutputAccess::getCachedParserOutput() to check the flavor and if it's is not core, to call MediaWiki\ParserOutputTransform\FlavorDispatcher::transform($parserOutput, $parserOptions::getFlavor()). It will also consult MW config and a hook to determine whether or not to cache the result.
  2. Add a hook in FlavorDispatcher to allow inserting additional passes into the chain for any flavor; this will replace the ParserOutputAfterTidy hook.

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cscott renamed this task from Create ParserOption::getFlavor() and FlavorDispatcher framework in ParserOutputAccess to Parser cache infrastructure for OutputTransform.May 6 2024, 3:16 PM