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clarify Android image suggestions on dewiki
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  • Restrict Image Recommendations on dewiki to users that have more than 50 edits on dewiki specifically instead of global edits

Spinning off this task from

since you made your recent changes, android users are accepting image recommendations at dewiki, even though our community never enabled this feature (compare e.g. de:Spezial:NewcomerTasksInfo with fr:Spécial:NewcomerTasksInfo). I tried to fix this at de:Spezial:EditGrowthConfig, but there was no option, so I tried to disable it manually via de:MediaWiki:NewcomerTasks.json. So far this doesn't seem to have any affect, currently there are still image recommendations being displayed using the android app. Is there something else that needs to be changed?

Response from Jazmin,

The image recommendations implementation, like the image recommendation on Structured Data is implemented a bit differently than image recommendations through the Growth experiments, which is why the process for switching off the feature isn't universally the same. The current community config for the feature is to turn it off so that newcomers (new editors), are not able to access the feature through Growth experiments (largely on Web). However, experienced users using the structured data implementation of it and experienced users on Android can still use the feature to add images.

Only logged in editors with 50+ unreverted edits in the article main namespace may use the image recommendations feature on Android. On Structured data, only logged in editors with 500+ edits will receive a notification prompting them to add a suggested image to an article. So far, our data tells us there significantly less reverts through the Android and Structured Data implementation, I assume due to it being more experienced users using the tool. However I can imagine it being confusing seeing it come through a recent edits feed when the Growth implementation did not have it enabled.

To reduce confusion, I am working with @KStoller-WMF to update the community config to distinguish how to shut off each implementation type or change the perimeters. To address your specific concerns on our end (for the apps) we can also do the following:

  • Increase the threshold of edits someone on German Wikipedia must have to access the feature if 50+ feels too low
  • Share with you the revert rate for German Wikipedia specifically so that the community can discuss what the best threshold is
  • Proceed with disabling this suggested edit type on Android completely, which would require submitting a phab task to our team (android-app) to reenable it should folks in your language community like it reintroduce in the future. I can also let you know if we start receiving complaints about it not being available via the apps support email or the Google Play Store

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Hi @JTannerWMF, thanks for your response! First of all let me state that I'm very grateful for your work, improving the experience and onboarding of (potential) new authors!

Reading all the available pages on MediaWiki again, I could have noticed myself that these android images suggestions are different to the newcomer tasks. Still some clarification might be helpful, why not use tags like the newcomer tasks which link to the related MediaWiki page?

One reason why I thought this was just another newcomer feature is that newbies with far less than 50+ edits were using it (example 1, 2, 3). I now realised the feature is probably using their global editcount? Using local editcount instead to make sure people are familiar with local policies seems more appropriate to me.

There have been multiple complaints about these image suggestions because the app is suggesting images which are not allowed on dewiki, as our community usually applies (stricter) German/European copyright law (example 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). If possible, there should be no suggestions of images using commons:Template:PD-US or similar licence templates. All of those pictures are allowed on enwiki and many other projects, but not on dewiki unless the photographer is dead for more than 70 years.
If such a change is not possible, that's another reason for using the local editcount to make sure people know of specific dewiki rules.

Sharing your revert statistic for dewiki would be great! Given the small number of total contributors so far (most of the dewiki image suggestions seem to be accepted by a single user), I think the total revert rate is ok. But for users with less or just a little more than 50+ local edits it feels like there is a much higher revert rate.

I'm fine with not disabling it, if its possible to switch to local editcount of 50+ unreverted article namespace edits instead or probably increasing the threshold a bit (depending on what the revert statistics show for users with lower and higher editcounts).

some recent examples 1 2 of users adding image suggestions with their first edits at dewiki after reaching 50+ global edits through commons/wikidata edits instead of having any local experience at dewiki.

Thanks @Johannnes89 ! We are going to update the parameters that they must have 50+ edits on the local wiki. I am making this a high priority task.