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Remove Disambiguation type search results while adding a Wikipedia Preview
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Disambiguation-type search results don't provide value for site editors when they're adding Wikipedia previews for words or phrases. This task is focused on removing these results to enhance the experience for adding a preview.

Proposed solution

We can improve the search experience by excluding disambiguation-type search results from the search.

QA test

There should be no way to have a disambiguation-type result show up from the search.

QA Results - WordPress

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SGautam_WMF renamed this task from Remove Disambiguation type search results to Remove Disambiguation type search results while adding a Wikipedia Preview.Feb 7 2024, 8:26 AM
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@SBisson There were no disambiguation-type results that showed up from the search as seen in the examples I used below in .webm. This will be moved to design sign-off. Thanks for all you work!

Status: ✅PASS
Environment: WordPress 6.4.3
OS: macOS Sonoma 14.2.1
Browser: Chrome 121
Skins. N/A
Device: MBA M2
Emulated Device:: n/a
Test Links:


Test words: orange, crane, bank, apple, amazon, delta, bat, rock, note