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Investigate: What to do with existing filters that temporary accounts will break
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Temporary accounts will break a few filters that currently filter on IPs and IP-like traits (eg. ip_in_range(s)). We need to come up with a plan to deal with these (eg. deprecation, migrations, etc). It would be good if we could come up with a communication plan, maybe some active investment in helping translate filters that are still in use and valuable, and possibly a technical notice of deprecation/automatic flags.

I think T357772: Investigate: How will `ip_in_range` and `ip_in_ranges` function when temporary accounts are enabled, T357615: Create filters to distinguish anonymous/temporary/registered users, and T334623: How do we log unsuccessful first edits for temporary users? will need to be farther along before we'll know more confidently what filters we need to worry about.

Given that some of these filters (eg. on enwiki) are private and the comments requests they remain private, I'm not sure if this task should be protected.