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Accessibility for Reading font size options not working in Chinese/Japanese Wikipedia
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Steps to replicate the issue (include links if applicable):

What happens?:
Only line height changes - the font size does not. This may be because these wikis have set their font size locally.

What should have happened instead?:
The font size should change.


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See my comment in [[T311469#9394906]]

At present, since the Chinese Wikipedia has a gadget of increasing font size, the gadget would override this font size options and it would not work. Also, Japanese Wikipedia has similar gadget.
Perhaps need to notify community this change, so that they can modify their existing gadgets? Thanks.

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Fixed in (it was a pretty straightforward change)

I fixed Japanese in an unrelated change (They were loading code for Vector on Vector 2022)

@ovasileva not sure if you want to QA or just resolve?

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It should be .vector-feature-custom-font-size-clientpref-0 .skin-vector-2022 .mw-body-content instead. Now the "large font" gadget doesn't work when you choose font size small.

@Jdlrobson The fix is causing problems. It has no effect because a .vector-body stylesheet overrides it.

image.png (470×728 px, 61 KB)

Also, please see (edit summary translation: avoid conflict with mw:Reading/Web/Accessibility for reading, moved from MediaWiki:Common.css). Is this also related?

@Jdlrobson Following up your comments on zhwiki:

Yes, it works now. But back to the topic of the task, when I turn on the beta feature and settings font size to small, the 0.938rem font size still applies, which I think is not desired.

I've created a patch on Beta Cluster to turn this off completely when enabling the beta feature. Can you please check it out?

I notice the font rendering is not exactly 15px which I assume is the intended default font size here? Would it be acceptable to change it to 0.9375rem

I think it is intended to be 16px. (Looks like I was wrong, confirming with other community members)

@Diskdance the rule .vector-feature-client-preferences-disabled .skin-vector-2022 .mw-body-content will mean the Chinese Wikipedia gadget will stop working when the font size controls are shipped to everyone and the "small" font size will become 14px rather than 15px. Is that what you want? If so I'm happy to fold this into the production code.

The way I adjusted the gadget to currently works it to repurpose the small font size of 14px with your existing 15px, and retains "Standard" as 16px and Large as 20px. I figured this would be the less disruptive to the community as when deployment happens there would be no visual change to font size.

When we ship, Chinese will be able to change the default font size to 16px (Standard) and stop using the gadget altogether if they want.

Is that what you want? If so I'm happy to fold this into the production code.

Yes but please don't apply that right now. I feel like there needs some community inputs, so I created a thread on zhwp's village pump asking what to do about the gadget.

In my humble opinion, one of the benefits of this project is to get rid of gadgets hacking font sizes. However the lack of a 15px preset (probably design decisions?) means that without a gadget this would be a breaking changes for Chinese Wikipedia.

Thanks @Diskdance, I've subscribed to that thread. I hope to continue the conversation on wiki next week.

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