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Not capturing transactions in ZAR
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FRTech, Dlocal is stating that they are seeing we are not settling transactions for South Africa. Can this be the case?

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I am seeing in the console that we are capturing so asking Dlocal for more info.

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Dlocal indicate:
Love Kolapo

6:54 AM


Thank you for your patience .
After further investigation with our operations team, we can see we are not receiving the capture from your team.
We were receiving it previously but it suddenly stopped.
Could you please check this your IT team to confirm why we stop receiving it.
We look forward to your response

Hi @EMartin, looks like this was due to a custom filter we added to validate the payments. We've updated the settings and the new payments are now being approved. We are working on capturing the backfills as well.

@Damilare, @SBorriello has a Zendesk donor who I think was affected by this - they have multiple recent unsettled donations in ZAR, so just to check, can we settle only the most recent attempt if a given donor has multiple attempts at Auth?


We are working on a script to settle all the trxns stuck on Auth. I'd have to search through the export to manually remove the old trxns for this contact.

And if it's not too big a lift tech-wise, depending on the number of donors affected, scanning to filter out any who may have switched to PayPal or alternate methods after trying dLocal might prevent us from double-charging people.

Change #1031537 had a related patch set uploaded (by Damilare Adedoyin; author: Damilare Adedoyin):

[wikimedia/fundraising/SmashPig@master] Create ApprovePayments maintenance script for Dlocal

XenoRyet moved this task from Triage to DRI Backlog on the Fundraising-Backlog board.

@XenoRyet Dylan, might this be impacting markets outside of S.A.?

That's a question for @Damilare. Did it look like that filter might have been catching anything else?

Yes there were some other currencies in the filter, but only a handful. The fix covers all countries using Dlocal.

Thanks @Damilare If it's not too much trouble, can you tell us the currencies involved?

Change #1031537 merged by jenkins-bot:

[wikimedia/fundraising/SmashPig@master] Create ApprovePayments maintenance script for Dlocal

Hi @evelyn, this mainly affected card payments in the following regions:

  • ZA
  • UY
  • MX
  • CL
  • PE
  • CO
  • BR
  • AR

The stuck payments have been captured, did a confirmation on a couple of them on the Dlocal dashboard, and should be imported into Civi in the next audit run.

@Damilare we're seeing captured transactions on the dLocal console dated May 15th, but they are still not showing in Civi! Is this normal?

Hi @SHust, yes this payments were captured on the 15th but Dlocal hasn't provided the nightly reports since 18th of March, 2024 and as such we are unable to import this transactions. We've reached out to them and I believe they're looking into it. The transactions should show in Civi once we run an import on the reports for that day.

Do you have the list of transactions that were impacted?

Unfortunately I don't have a thorough list of the transactions. I only exported the Authorized transactions within the range of 9th of May to 14th of May, 2024. The exported file is not thorough because it contains data of payments that were captured after the Authorization stage.

@Damilare, can you confirm that all transactions that should have been captured are now captured? Also, what is the status of the audit files that should be populating Civi? I'm a bit confused as to where things stand as we see unsettled auths which may be ok and want to be sure we capture these outstanding items in Civi.

Hi @EMartin we were able to capture donor payments that were stuck in authorization within the date range 9th of May to 14th of May, 2024. Due to @MBeat33 request to prevent double charging donors we only captured 1 payment attempt per donor. The duplicates were not captured and as such should still be in the Authorization state.

About the audit reports, we are yet to receive any new files and haven't received any feedback from Dlocal on the ticket.

Thanks @Damilare I will chase them for an update.

Refunds from the script in T365751: run refund script for dLocal May 23rd also seem to be missing from Civi for the lack of these audit files.

Thanks @MBeat33, they've included a manual export for the reports in the last update they sent. We'd review them and hopefully would be able to get the missing transactions in the report.

Report resumed but now the fields are in the wrong order