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Special:Contributions/Newbies lists contributions by user "Newbies" instead of new account edits
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Author: neil

Seen on Meta and En.wb following 1.19 upgrade. Keying Special:Contributions/newbies (as linked to from mediawiki:recetnchangestext) now goes to a list of contributions for a user called Newbies as opposed to a list of edits by new accounts.

Version: 1.19
Severity: normal


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This was deliberate. The url parameter &contribs=newbie is used to get newbie contribs.

neil wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

This was deliberate. The url parameter &contribs=newbie is used to get newbie

We'll just change all the interface links then... that'll be fun!

Some sort of consideration should be made for the expected behavior of URLs before changing them.

Committed in r100315. I agree we should probably rework this for this deployment.

Thanks Aaron! Since this is still going away in 1.20, we'll have to make sure we communicate that well. Let's consult with Guillaume to make sure we get the word out correctly.

Re-opening this bug for now.

Someone needs to do an assessment of how many links this will break on the live Wikimedia wikis, throughout MediaWiki (if "Special:Contributions/newbies") is used in any default messages, and on other MediaWiki installations. "You break it, you fix it" seems like reasonable policy here, I think.

Once an assessment is done, some kind of concerted effort is needed to fix those links before 1.20 is pushed out.

Once that happens, feel free to mark this bug as fixed (again).

Lost track of this one. We need to patch 1.20wmf1 with r112366 before deploying to enwiki.

I agree with MZMcBride. I think it's better to undo this change in the software.

Aaron ported this to master:,6365
...and to 1.20wmf2:,6413

So, barring a deliberate action to undo this, it should be safely ensconced in the code for a while.

Note that these URLs do different things:


The former gives you all contributions by new users, and the latter is contributions by User:Newbies.

adam wrote:


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Change 260859 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński):
SpecialContributions: Simplify check for 'Special:Contributions/newbies'

Change 260859 merged by jenkins-bot:
SpecialContributions: Simplify check for 'Special:Contributions/newbies'