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Changes to infobox, hatnote and image styling in Vector 2022
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Some projects have reported issues with infobox, images and hatnote styling. If your project is impacted, please redirect concerns to this ticket.

We are evaluating fixes and hope to provide updates on that ticket soon.

  • For issues relating to infoboxes and hatnotes, please report at T367462
  • For issues with thumbnails please report T367463

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Jdlrobson renamed this task from Changes to infobox and hatnote styling to Changes to infobox, hatnote and image styling in Vector 2022.Jun 14 2024, 12:58 AM
Jdlrobson updated the task description. (Show Details)

I have copied multiple reports of undesirable behavior from the English WP Village Pump (technical) into T367462. If any of the problems are not related to the style changes reported in the original bug report, they may need to be split into separate bug reports.

The code that caused these breaking changes really needs to be rolled back and fixed on a development server. It is far too disruptive to be on the live encyclopedia.

Hey everyone, this is the Web team working on skins. We wanted to explain the situation, apologize, and share what will happen next. Thank you all for reporting and helping us fix things.

This week, we released styling changes to hatnotes, templates, and images. Some of these changes were not intended for rollout this week. Our focus was mostly on T113101 and related tasks. We apologize for introducing bugs and making editors confused.

We read concerns shared on different wikis and on Discord, and went over our options. We decided to revert all changes to templates and hatnotes for the time being, and keep the changes to images. Next, we'll review the changes to templates and hatnotes, and bring them for discussion one by one prior to proceeding. If you notice any remaining issues with images, please report them in comments to T367463. We hope to have a fix for the remaining issue on Monday.

Thank you!