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Create Gujarati Wikisource
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The language committee and WMF Board have approved the creation of Wikisource Gujarati.

Language code: gu
Site URL:
Project name: વિકિસ્ત્રોત
Project namespace: વિકિસ્ત્રોત
Project talk namespace: વિકિસ્ત્રોત ચર્ચા
Project logo:
Timezone: Asia/Kolkata
Additional namespaces (for ProofreadPage): લેખક, Talk: લેખક ચર્ચા,
સૂચિ, Talk: સૂચિ ચર્ચા,
પૃષ્ઠ, Talk: પૃષ્ઠ ચર્ચા,
પ્રવેશિકા, Talk: પ્રવેશિકા ચર્ચા

Preferably, also enable the Narayam extension.

Thank you.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
URL: //



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 12:13 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz35138.
bzimport added a subscriber: Unknown Object (MLST).

Please also disallow local file uploading.

(Dummy comment to change from UNCONFIRMED to NEW)

Gerard.meijssen wrote:

Please add WebFonts as well. Thanks, Gerard (after correspondence on the India Mailinglist)

Please change વિકિસ્ત્રોત to વિકિસ્રોત (wherever it appears)
The former though more commonly known spelling, its incorrect. The gramatically correct word/spelling for English 'source' is વિકિસ્રોત. Will correct the same in logo as well and update it.

sushant_savla wrote:

Please enable sub page feature for Gujarati Source also

RT #2665 created

Seemingly only needs DNS entries creating...

લેખક, Talk: લેખક ચર્ચા,
List (index?)
સૂચિ, Talk: સૂચિ ચર્ચા,
પૃષ્ઠ, Talk: પૃષ્ઠ ચર્ચા,
પ્રવેશિકા, Talk: પ્રવેશિકા ચર્ચા

Those are the rough english translations.. I'm guessing "list" is "Index", and I presume "primer" must be "Portal"?

Can someone confirm for me?

All the extra namespaces bar "Primer" have now been created

Thanks Reedy, is there any scope for changing લેખક (Author) to સર્જક ?

  • Logo is cut from top and bottom, can it be resized?
  • Predictive input doesn't work for the search box
  • Also, namespaces are not appearing in search

Seperate bugs created for each of these and a few other issues, so please disregard.