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add a [[MediaWiki:Footermessage]] page
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Author: beesley

As suggested by mav on the mailing list, please add a
[[MediaWiki:Footermessage]] page so wikis can add links to things like [[Privacy
policy]] – [[Contact us]] – [[Terms of use]] at the end of every page.

It should come beneath the "About Wikipedia - Disclaimers" part of the page.

If possible, please allow it to be made uneditable in LocalSettings. Not
everyone hosting a wiki wants their users to be able to remove these links. (I
do realise that makes translations harder).

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Severity: enhancement



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soxred93 wrote:

Well, it's been a while, but fixed in r42799

Reverted in r42802; we tend to avoid wiki parsing in skin code and things that get run on every page view; eg heavily caching sitenotices and such.

  • Bug 5190 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Somewhat fixed nowadays, people just edit the message wikimedia-copyright or others; they are now:


Combining multiple footer links together in a situation where each one is output into an <li> isn't an acceptable solution.

Letting the links in the footer be freely defined was a good of the footerlinks code introduced. It just hasn't been given a way to work with the web interface because there is a lot of legacy code weighing it down.

The links requested in comment 0 are available anyway and wikimedia-copyright is not a link but a full message. If you feel that message is wrong please open a bug against it, if you think another message is needed please provide a use case.

Nemo, please stop marking this bug as fixed. This is not a Wikimedia site request. It's a bug filed in the mediawiki project with a request that hasn't been finished yet.
Whether or not some extra links have been added to Wikipedia is irrelevant. The bug's request was for a message to let any number of custom links to be added.

*** Bug 22334 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Currently, it's possible to use a SkinTemplateOutputPageBeforeExec hook, to adapt the template's footerlinks and footericons. See for instance:

Other changes to the footer still require changes to related MediaWiki messages, or to actually adapt the skin.