Password data leakage when using external authentication
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Author: rlane32

MediaWiki stores passwords in the local database under a number of circumstances. Auth plugins were taking steps to avoid this, but there's a number of ways in which core makes it impossible.

AuthPlugin should have a method that tells core whether it should or should not store the password locally.

Version: 1.19.1
Severity: normal

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rlane32 wrote:

Patch to fix the issue in core.

Attached: fix_dataleakage.patch

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rlane32 wrote:

If your MediaWiki installation doesn't allow local authentication, and only allows external authentication, then you should purge all passwords from your MediaWiki database:

UPDATE user SET user_password='';

If your installation has a mix of users that use local authentication and external authentication you should purge the user_password field for the external users, but not for the local users. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to tell which users are external and which are local, you'll need to determine that yourself.

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Unhiding patch since it got release publicly.

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