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Please make Cortado path configurable
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We need to move cortado.jar from upload to bits and in attempt to do so we noticed that the cortado.jar URL is hardcoded in the code and specifically in MwEmbedModules/EmbedPlayer/resources/mw.EmbedPlayerJava.js.

Please make the path configurable, so that we can switch it. For comparison, OggHandler has a $wgCortadoJarFile setting in CommonSettings.php.


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mdale wrote:

Cortado has to be on the same domain as the media to not trigger the java security warnings. ( i.e you can't really move it to bits .. unless your serving all media assets from bits )

But we can relatively easily add support for a $wgCortadoJarFile override if you want to change its wmf location.

That used to be the case but it's not anymore. Java from v6 upd 10 supports a limited set of Flash's crossdomain.xml functionality. I've added a crossdomain.xml on last week, did a quick version survey using logs & User-Agent strings and Tim deployed a switch of Cortado to bits this week for OggHandler.

Note that there's a slight exception to this: IcedTea does not support crossdomain.xml, even at the latest version. However, Cortado never worked with IcedTea for different reasons and as far me and Tim can see, so this isn't a concern.

mdale wrote:

24476 was merged closing bug.

<paravoid> this was solved but I'm not sure it's actually configured
<paravoid> I tried to check but with browser autodetection and everything I only get an HTML5 <video>

Jan was quick enough to answer me on IRC and immediately fix this in TMH:

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