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Create list of WMF engineering teams and their project management tool in use before prod phab is released.
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First we need to define the word "team." Easy way is to use the org-chart. The hard way is all active projects within an org-chart team and cross org-chart team.

Org chart:

  • TechOps - Bugzilla & RT
  • Analytics - Bugzilla & Scrumbugz
  • MediaWiki Core - Bugzilla & MW
  • Engineering Community Team - Bugzilla & MW & fab.wmflabs
  • Release Engineering - Bugzilla & MW & fab.wmflabs
  • Multimedia - Bugzilla & Mingle
  • Core Features - Bugzilla & Trello
  • Growth - Bugzilla & Trello
  • Editing - Bugzilla
  • Parsoid - Bugzilla
  • Fundraising - Bugzilla (minimally) & Mingle
  • Language - Bugzilla & Mingle
  • Mobile Web - Bugzilla & Trello
  • Mobile App - Bugzilla & Trello & OTRS
  • Zero - Trello (according to Yuri tonight) & (minimally) Bugzilla



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@greg, will you be working on this?

Also, shouldn't this task be filed in the Phabricator project (as well)?

The pre-Phab list in the description is probably good-enough so this can probably be closed/archived somewhere on wiki (as needed).

The post-Phab migration list needs to be on-going (to see trends) and that probably shouldn't be owned by Release-Engineering-Team and instead by Phabricator (and that team, whoever makes it up). Of course, at that point, it should be owned/usefulness/priority decided upon by the Phabricator team.

(Basically, I'm saying it was wrong for me to "take" this on the Release-Engineering-Team team at the beginning.)

Thank you for the initial list! We will follow-up on t434. Resolving.