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Implement scaleable graphing capability in a MediaWiki extension for Wikimedia wikis (tracking)
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For a variety of reasons, a scaleable (cached) graphing capability would be nice to have in a MediaWiki extension for Wikimedia wikis. This would allow us to have pretty graphs of edits over time at [[Special:Contributions]] or have pretty graphs of edits over time at the info action or whatever.

It'd also be helpful to be able to have graphs in articles. This is somewhat different, but could use the same graphing library, presumably. This bug tracks graphs generally on Wikimedia wikis.

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I think the Graph extension or at least the underlying Vega library and the Graphoid service are adequate to resolve this bug?

I think yes. If a specific feature is required, it should be created separately with a MediaWiki-extensions-Graph tag. There is no point of having a task that can never be closed.

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Resolved by means of the Graph extension, per Lego and Yurik.

Funny enough, I just realized that the only really missing feature is T96309 - making graphoid service return SVG results instead of PNGs. This will allow links in graphs.