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Use draft 4 of JSON Schema specification
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This is a tracking bug for migrating EventLogging to version 4 of the JSON Schema specification.

Completion of this enhancement is contingent on implementing and/or verifying support in mediawiki-jsondata, python-jsonschema and EventLogging's JavaScript code.

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[moving from MediaWiki extensions to Analytics product - see bug 61946]

Per T182000#3809548, the server-side JSON Schema validators support draft 3 of JSON Schema. AFAICT this is not the case for the client-side validator.

Wow, I didn't know this task existed. I have so many desires and ideas on how to make all EventLogging schemas way better. The EventLogging python codebase supports draft 4, you just have to declare it in your schema. However, the tricky bit is the EventCapsule, as it is the 'meta' schema that contains the event schemas, and it is the one that declares the JSONSchema version.

I'd really love to get rid of the EventCapsule altogether one day. BTW: