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add a table of content to item pages
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Certain items like [[d:Q7186]] and [[d:Q2494]] have enough properties that on the sitelinks are pushed off the visible area (on my 15" laptop) and require scrolling to see them. There should be some kind of navigation/table of contents which provide quick links to properties, sitelinks, etc. I am thinking of something like the navigation bar at the top of [[commons:File:Apis_florea_worker_1.jpg]] (or any other commons image).

Right now if a visitor comes from [[it:Marie Curie]] by hitting "edit links", they won't initially see the sitelinks, which I think is a problem.

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We could add one or more parsed message in the top that enables/disables after whats available in a TOC. That would give some flexibility.

The [edit] link should go directly to the langlinks section. This might be a separate bug though.

Should be done with an eye on the EntityView rewrite.

Change 52796 abandoned by Jeroen De Dauw:
(Bug 44876) Add toc to EntityView

Abandoned commit as it was just rotting on gerrit, needing a lot of rebase work. Might or might not include stuff we could use when implementing this.

Change 90755 had a related patch set uploaded by Bene:
(bug 44876) add a table of content to item pages

I just discussed this with Henning some more and we came up with a possible way to improve the visual part of this: we can have the ToC not like it is now in Wikipedia articles but more like on Wikivoyage (see for example

Change 90755 merged by jenkins-bot:
(bug 44876) add a table of content to item pages