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Selecting configuration files depending on the realm of the current (bastion) server isn't always sensible
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From Rob: "Not sure if its legit, but the mctest.php script from wikitech only outputs tampa based mc servers. This should be confirmed if the spence check is only checking against Tampa mc or both mc server sets. (Or, at minimum, the active cluster, which is presently eqiad.)"

In most cases, using a script on a bastion host, we are likely to want to do it against the active cluster, and not have to use a bastion in the "correct"/current datacentre. There is, however, cases where we would want this behavior.

Version: wmf-deployment
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The RT ticket is closed (effectively dupe of this), so I'm copy/pasting the only unique info from there to here:

13:59 < mutante> require( getRealmSpecificFilename( "$wmfConfigDir/db.php" ) );
13:59 < mutante> require( getRealmSpecificFilename( "$wmfConfigDir/mc.php" ) );

This is a duplicate of T82145 now, which is the original (and now imported) RT ticket.

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