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Refactor the edition of Page: pages JavaScript module
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The code of the JavaScript module that manage Page: pages edition is old and is not maintainable any longer. A refactoring of the module is so needed before adding any new features. This can be done at the same time as the adaptation of the Visual Editor for Page; pages.

The things to do are:

  • move to server part of the extension things that can be done by it as it have been done for Index: pages.
  • use libraries packaged with MediaWiki like JQuery when possible.
  • find and use a good free JS library for zooming into scans in order to improve the current zoom feature that might be enhanced.

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ellydwivedi2093 wrote:

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Aarti: Do you mean that this has been fixed in the meantime? Any links?
If so, feel free to change the status (you can do so now).