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Improve the Page: pages storage system
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Page pages are currently stored in the database as a customized wikitext content:
<noinclude><pagequality level="LEVEL" user="LAST PROOFREADER" />HEADER<div class="pagetext">BODY<noinclude>FOOTER</noinclude>

We should consider to move to a new storage system maybe with the help of the ContentHandler but before a refactoring of the edition related code is needed (bug T48578).

A possible new content format base of JSON:

"proofread": {
   "level": LEVEL AS INTEGER,
"header": "HEADER",
"footer": "FOOTER",
"body": "BODY"


Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Short update: this format is already implemented in ProofreadPage as "optional" format (i.e. not used to save content but usable in order to get/save content):

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