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[INTERLANG/ANON] Weird bubble behavior when using "uselang" as anonymous user
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Weird bubble behavior when using "uselang" as anonymous user. When clicking the link on the bubble, ULS will try to apply setlang, which is totally wrong (and doesn't work).


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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to in the same window

I. A tooltip appears pointing to the ULS cog stating "Sprache English geändert"

  1. Click "English"

II. URL changes to
III. UI stays German (expected, because uselang takes priority over setlang)

IV. ULS should not display any links with "setlang" to anonymous users, as this is not allowed to work.
V. Should not use any smart tooltips for anonymous users for the cog in this scenario. Only use "Language settings".

Version: master
Severity: normal
Whiteboard: ux



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