VisualEditor: Typing at the end of linked causes DM and CE to get out of sync
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bzimport set Reference to bz48171.
Jdforrester-WMF created this task.Via LegacyMay 6 2013, 7:02 PM
TrevorParscal added a comment.Via ConduitMay 6 2013, 7:12 PM

This doesn't happen in IE.

  1. Place the cursor at the end of a link.
  2. Type some text
  3. See that the text doesn't appear to be linked, but the link inspector option is available

Short term solution as decided by Trevor, Inez and James: Make links not auto-extend in the model, and fix IE so it doesn't auto-extend in the view (to make it work like other browsers).

gerritbot added a comment.Via ConduitMay 6 2013, 8:09 PM

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I5f279b06b098960be7bd4ad3f5e6f74b67e31d1a)

Jdforrester-WMF added a comment.Via ConduitMay 7 2013, 12:27 AM

Trevor's commit has been merged; assigning to Inez for the IE-specific fixes to come.

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