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Display notification when disabling input methods from keyboard icon menu
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When the input method menu is disabled through the menu itself (not when done using “the green button”), a notification is shown to the user.

The notification will be a MW “bubble” notification (see screenshot). resources/mediawiki/mediawiki.notif*.js.

  1. The notification will be visible for visible for 10 seconds.
  2. Title of notification is “Input tools have been disabled”
  3. The notification will contain a link to undo (and reneable input methods). Clicking on it will enable the input method menu again and make the notification disappear.
  4. The notification will include a different text depending on the current ULS position:

4.1. When ULS is in personal position: “You can enable input tools at any time from language settings (<cog-icon>) next to the language list.”
4.2. When ULS is in interlanguage position: “You can enable input tools at any time from language settings(<lang-selection-icon>).

Version: master
Severity: normal


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