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Android exporter causes build failure due to presence of '%' in generated xml
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Found this with the 'about_privacy_policy' string; cs and gl versions were added with %-encoding for some chars in the URL.

This triggered a compilation error in resources:

error: Multiple substitutions specified in non-positional format; did you mean to add the formatted="false" attribute?

Worked around here by simply replacing the % codes with their original chars, since that works for them:
[2:07pm] wikipedia-github: android-commons/master a28fc9a Brion Vibber: Work around compilation failure with % encoding in strings
with the same fixes copied over to TWN and a qqq entry added describing the issue.

Proper fix for this is to add formatted="no" attribute to the <string> entry. So we'd maybe need to set it on the original and make sure it gets passed through to the translated outputs....?

Alternate fix is to use %%... or perhaps to redo it as a formatted string and figure out how to get those to round-trip through TWN.

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/me wonders how such many annoying things ended up in one file format.

It's the lovechild of XML and Java, so...

Brion and Yuvi, I've added this bug to Would you be able to help a student by reviewing contributions such as a patch for this bug? If yes please add yourself there as co-mentor, then we'll be able to mark it featured.

Hi. Could somebody help me on how to reproduce this bug on a wiki that is newly setup?

Hi. Could somebody help me on how to reproduce this bug on a wiki that is newly setup?

See : you should be able to add for translation a software which uses XML strings, and test the bug by adding messages which contain a % sign. See for a configuration example.

We now have validators for this kind of thing. Just needs to be set up.

Moving back to Translate. I don't see a premade validator for this. Printf validator doesn't prevent invalid strings.