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Notifications: Linking a username in an Edit-Summary should trigger a notification
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Add a check of the edit summary, for any links to a username. Don't require the ~~~~ check in these cases.

Eg. [ this edit],
Eg.2. [ another edit]

This would allow us to "ping" a user, in any namespace.

It would allow us to notify someone that their question had been answered, or query something about their edit, without working their name into the text of the response.

My only concern is that this might get over-used, leading to some power-users "pinging" too often/easily. Ie. trying to use edit summaries as a communication tool. Eg. "Does this look right [[User:Ironholds]]?"

Possibly the benefits outweigh the potential drawbacks?

(I thought Notifications was already doing this, hence I've been linking usernames in some edit summaries for the last few weeks.. >.< )

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Glad I found an existing bug for something this time... I'd support this idea. I don't see this being abused much as doing so would likely end up in repercussions starting with a warning of the user to a worst case of blocking a user and restricting talk page access.

I don't think this could/would be abused or over-used any more than mentions in talk page text.

(I worry too much, and sometimes try to answer objections preemptively! My worry here is negligible. (And not a negligee))

This was asked about again (- -) Seems to be some consensus developing that the community wants this. Thanks.


Any abuses of such a feature could be dealt with in the usual way (wikis can have local policies defining what to do in these cases...)

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This bug seriously affecting the usage of because it is almost impossible to check recent edits.

Sorry wrong bug, wrong comment :-(

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