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Allow mw.wikibase.getEntity and getProperty to access arbitrary Wikidata items
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I hope mw.wikibase.getEntity("Q535") and mw.wikibase.getProperty("p20")

  • Even exactly mw.wikibase.getProperty("p20", "Q535") which return a string or nil,
  • and where the element code is not necessary inside a page-element,
  • and where it permits to document the module or the templates elsewhere out of their spaces, and to build genealogies or species classifications.

other : Now Lua modules work in fr.wikisource, but mw.wikibase.getEntity() do not works. Thanks in advance. I am Rical in wikis.

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Sorry : hopes to document the modules or the templates in any namespaces. My present works is Module:Auteur in test2.wikipedia and fr.wikisource

Sorry, I have problems to understand "I hope mw.wikibase.getEntity("Q535") and mw.wikibase.getProperty("p20")". How can you hope a function?

What exactly is the request here? What is the current outcome, and what is the expected outcome?

Rical: The mw.wikibase library is provided by Wikidata. There doesn't seem to be anything here that is specific to Scribunto. Why did you reassign it?

In the module or template Auteur/doc I must show examples, but a module page is not an element, then wikidata give nothing to mw.wikibase.getEntity(), and mw.wikibase.getEntity("Q535") do not works.

Also in wikidata:Victor Hugo the country property give 142, but in Lua, I cannot ask mw.wikibase.getEntity("Q142").

Then I hope that mw.wikibase.getEntity("Q535") works for any element.

Get a property by Lua is very hard by present Lua, because in many cases the result is a script error. Go to see what I wrote in
to read some properties from one element
in the function m.wikidata, at least and really many more that :

local entity = mw.wikibase.getEntity( )
local dat =
wd.image = dat.p18[0].mainsnak.datavalue.value = dat.p27[0].mainsnak.datavalue.value["numeric-id"]

Reading[0] (and others) does not work if one writes["p18"][0]
then I can't do a loop from a list of properties to query.

Then I hope that mw.wikibase.getProperty("p20") works for any property.
or entity.getProperty("p20")
which return nil or .value or .value["numeric-id"]

When getEntity("Q535") and getProperty("p20") already exist, we must thinks about users that want make généalogies or biologic classifications.
They probably will like mw.wikibase.getProperty("p20", "Q535") which return a string or
nil, and where the element is optional.

Sorry for "Scribunto", I don't known where to include a Lua bug.

From my experience, you get script error if the item doesn't have label in your language and/or the article doesn't exist for that language edition. Therefore it's impossible to generate a red link from current mw.wikibase. It's an error that should be caught by the code.

2 changes and 1 option ?

My tests are in 2 pages which use the same module :
which give : entity = Q535 , sitelink = Victor Hugo
which give : getEntity=ERREUR

In my mind, there are 2 changes to do :

  • Never return script error, then return nil if the page/query or the property don't exists.
  • Return the property if it exists.
  • Perhaps the script error masks some other usefull return.

An option ?

  • Perhaps, in some cases, a third parameter could ask a type for the returned value, for date format... And a type/format could be returned as a second value.
  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 47930 ***