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Local Language typing not working properly at Scribunto code editor through ULS
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Author: bellayet

Today I tried to edit some Module page at Bangla (bn) Wikipedia. I want to change some texts in Bangla. When I enable ULS to type Bangla and try to type, does not show any character at the editor, before I press a space. After pressing space all of sudden it shows the character appear all together.



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Thanks for taking the time to report this!

Is there a link (URL) to test this with?
Which exact browser and version is this about?

bellayet wrote:

You can test this with this page,

I have tested it in Ubuntu 12.4 as well as Windows 7 with Mozilla Firefox browser.

ULS IME currently supports only simple textareas, and input fields. Scribunto has a complex editor. Supporting it is not trivial.

Marking the bug as enhancement bug.

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We now support content editable and visual editor, but Scribunto is still not working.