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In RTL languages, "history" and "add section" menu items moved into the hidden menu
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(by "the hidden menu" i mean the menu that opens under the inverted triangle - where "move" normally lives). with wmf8, "history" and "add section" moved there also. i do not believe this is intentional - this does not seem to happen in ltr wikis, and was not announce anywhere.

i am 88.21% certain this is a result of bug 50193, but i can't be 100% sure.
the problem goes away if you disable javascript.


Version: 1.22.0
Severity: critical



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ok. this is not related to bug 50193, but rather to something else in collapsibleTabs.js:

the problem is that collapsibleTabs.js has a "module global" variable named "rtl", which is calculated on startup by calling

var rtl = $( 'body' ).is( '.rtl' );

the problem is that this module is loaded too early, and at this point in time,

$( 'body' ).is( '.rtl' )

returns false, even though it *is* and RTL wiki.

we should postpone the calculation of this variable to a later time: e.g., inside $.fn.collapsibleTabs(), do something like

if ( typeof rtl === "undefined" )

rtl = $( 'body' ).is( '.rtl' );

also, if this code is exactly equal to upstream, methinks we should report the issue there too.


Related URL: (Gerrit Change I6e277a9503a1e6003bc7bf9f9468ed7b35552e60)

(The module is now loaded from the 'top' queue, while it was loaded from 'bottom' before when it was a part of the Vector extension instead of core.)

based on my tests, this patch solves the problem. (tested with chrome).

please try to merge this patch before wmf8 is deployed to RTL wikipedias (June 27, according to the roadmap) - i can hear my users screaming "where is my history tab, where is my add section tab" all the way up to here (they are already screaming on wiktionary...)



Related URL: (Gerrit Change I6e277a9503a1e6003bc7bf9f9468ed7b35552e60)

Merged by Roan, looks like he's deploying it now.

It was deployed:
<logmsgbot> !log catrope synchronized php-1.22wmf8/skins/vector/collapsibleTabs.js 'I6e277a9503a1e6003bc7bf9f9468ed7b35552e60'
And is working:

Fixed, deployed, verified, works. Sorry about the trouble! :)

thanks! this was quick.