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VisualEditor: References in media captions appear but aren't editable or successfully insertable
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It is currently not possible to add a reference to an image/media caption, nor to edit existing ones.

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bug 51992 comment 0 : is about as simple of a testcase
as I could develop. Given this structure:

[[File:Red Wine Glass.jpg|thumb|upright|A "large" (250 ml) glass of
12% ABV red wine has about three units of alcohol. A "medium"
(175&nbsp;ml) glass, such as the one shown, has about two units.<ref> Even
though the sizes of wine glasses are defined in UK law, the terms "large",
"medium", "standard" etc are not defined in law.</ref>]]

There's no way to edit the reference.

bug 51992 comment 1 :
Simpler illustration, still in

I don't think it's possible to edit that pesky footnote.
[[File:Red Wine Glass.jpg|thumb|upright|description<ref>pesky footnote</ref>]]


Changing this to reflect that now references do appear in the toolbar for media items, but can't be inserted or edited (and the list of existing references to insert is blank - suggests something's pointed at the wrong document/etc.?).

This was completed as part of the NewFromDocumentReplace work that Roan did last week.

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