VisualEditor: Drag-and-drop requires the item (image/reference/template) to be selected before it can be dragged
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A user on the English Wikipedia reports two problems when attempting to drag and drop an image.
"Problem 1: Clicking on a media file and dragging the mouse causes the cursor to change to the "I'm moving an image" icon, but the image doesn't actually move. I can only move an image if I click it once to select it, then click and hold.

Problem 2: If I move an image a small enough distance across the screen that it doesn't actually move, I can't move it again unless I deselect it and then reselect it."

They are using Firefox 21, I can confirm both problems in Firefox 22.

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Some suggestions about dragging from Adam C.:
"If I might suggest, if dragging isn't possible, why not just make it that when you select an image, you have a few buttons. A left arrow to move it left, a right arrow to move it right, a menu button between them that'll give you the chance to edit image properties (and to set the rarely-used centre), ideally a way to directly edit the caption without entering a menu, and perhaps a little drag bar at the top for moving it vertically? (Having a standardised place to grab and drag would be an excellent idea, by the way.I'd suggest adding a little bar at the top of an element when it's clicked on.)".

Qgil added a comment.Sep 29 2013, 3:49 AM

fwiw about Problem 1 the same happens with text based templates. Tested with the template {{languages}} at the top of the page at

This doesn't appear to be a problem in master.

Specifically, this was fixed by Ed's changes to clickable nodes last week.

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