VisualEditor: editing window does not horizontally scroll for wide tables or other elements


first table at [[Comparison of container formats]] rendered in a 1024px wide window. Firefox 22 on Linux

In VisualEditor the editing window does not horizontally scroll to accommodate wide tables. Table cells and their contents render as if the window did scroll, but as it does not they are truncated.

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first table at [[Comparison of container formats]] rendered in a 1024px wide window. Firefox 22 on Linux

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en.wp user Cryptic C62 comments:
"VE does not correctly render any table wider than the screen, nor does it allow horizontal scrolling. This effect seems to extend to any wide element, including math formulas, images, transclusions, and text with non-breaking spaces. Some other findings:

  • A horizontal scroll bar does appear when hovering over some elements with a mouseover effect, specifically images and uneditables (Strangely, the scroll bar does not appear when hovering over the {{Details}} template in this example). Scrolling can then occur if you have a clickable mousewheel.
  • By placing the text cursor near the visible end of wide text, and pressing the right arrow key, it is possible to sneak the text cursor off of the page."

Test cases:

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