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VisualEditor: When editing a section, don't wait for loading to be complete before scrolling to the section
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When loading VisualEditor from a section edit link, the editor opens at that position on the page. However, as the TOC is not displayed in edit mode (bug 49224) the content is effectively rendered higher up so a later section in the article moves into the view (from a users point of view this is perceived as scrolling to a random point).

The view point does move to the new location of the desired section as the final step of loading, but only if the user has not scrolled at any point while waiting.

If they have attempted to find the section themselves while VE is loading then either (a) the view point subsequently doesn't move when loading completes, or (b) moves by the amount it would have done if the user had not scrolled (meaning it now points at a different point to desired). I have not worked out how to specifically induce one behaviour or indeed what causes either.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
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