IP addresses should link to Special:Contributions instead of userpage


In Notifications, can we link IPs to their special:contributions page, instead of their userpage?

eg. We currently have:
Your edit on [[Mike Patton]] has been reverted by [[User:|]]. (Show changes)

we want:
Your edit on [[Mike Patton]] has been reverted by [[Special:Contributions/|]]. (Show changes)

This would be consistent with the way IPs are linked in all History pages, eg https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mike_Patton&action=history

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Severity: enhancement
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'notification-reverted2' => 'Your {{PLURAL:$4|edit on [[:$2]] has|edits on [[:$2]] have}} been {{GENDER:$1|reverted}} by [[User:$1|$1]]. $3',

The solution here would probably to just use $1, and have echo figure out whether to make a link to the user page or contributions page, and send that as a parameter.

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