Internal audio links need a loudspeaker icon


Author: ui2t5v002

For links directly to audio files, we are currently using templates with
loudspeaker icons in the Image: namespace. This is a bad solution, since most
people click on the image and end up at the image page.

The only difference is that we would like a way to link only the loudspeaker,
and not include any other text, for inline pronunciation examples and the like.

Audio templates:



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zigger wrote:

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The original description proposed using a particular solution (turning [[File:Audio.ogg]] internal links into [] external links, and then adding using CSS rules to provide a visible indication of the file extension.

However, the problem remains after all of these years: We need a way to link audio files on wiki with a "click here to listen to this" loudspeaker icon. It should be possible to specify that something is an audio file in wikitext [[File:Audio.ogg|audio]] and get a result that looks like a loudspeaker icon, and that plays the linked audio recording without taking the reader to another page.

To put it more simply: shouldn't have a block with an arrow and a number of seconds and a menu on a separate line from the IPA pronunciation. It should be simply IPA: [aɪ̯ns] 🔊, and clicking on it should play the linked file. (If your font doesn't support it, then that's a loudspeaker at the end).

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My current thinking forward of this is.
1: Insert plain audio tag
2: When loading JS player, hide the player and tag using CSS stylesheets and insert a 'button' before it.
3: On hover of button, make the 'player' popup, all hover cards.

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