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Prototype a badged player
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We need a proper playback solution for inline ipa pronunciations and spoken articles badges.

Means hiding the native player initially and giving a very customized playback control.

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<audio> block with 0 width. Idea is to use something similar to popup. --data-player=popup. The --data-player=popup triggers a 1em styling with a line-height of 1 to prevent FOUC and reflow.

When loading the JS, replace with a container span/div with the same looks. <audio> is an invisible child of this, of the normal 3em high and 230px wide (double check browser defaults).

Upon hover, focus or click of the container, unhide the <audio> player and show it above or below the current line. (floating over the other content). if the player is shown by a click on the container, then start playback immediately.

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