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the apostrophe problem in wiktionary
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Reported by: carsrac
Created on: 2009-06-21 11:14:59
Subject: the apstrophe problem in wiktionary
Original description:
[[wikt:fr:-n’t]] and [[wikt:en:-n't]] are articles about the same. But the bot see different articles. So is there a way that the script in the -wiktionary mode accepts and looks for <'> or <’> at the moment <’> or <'> is used??

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Severity: normal
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I was asked by User:V85 to find a solution for that.
... see\_Diskussion:Melancholie\#Interwikis
The whole thing with those apostrophes is disputed, though.
... please read\_talk:Robert\_Ullmann\#Probleme\_with\_apostrophes\_.27\_and\_.E2.80.99

My bot is currently accepting both typographical variants of apostrophes and is ignoring some other typographical differences as well.

See for a potential patch.

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Is this request still valid since there is now the Cognate extension which manage interwiki links

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Completely outdated