VisualEditor: Hover effect inconsistent for Help icon
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Noticed on, currently at 1.23wmf2 (88c7b3f)

On hover, the Help icon in the VisualEditor toolbar gets both the light gray border with all corners rounded, and the darker gray border that, if I look at the Menu icon for reference, should probably only appear when the button is pressed, not just hovered.

Furthermore, the dark gray border only has the left corners rounded.

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gpaumier created this task.Nov 5 2013, 12:59 PM

The behaviour is correct because the help icon is actually in a group with the notification icon, however the notification icon is hidden when there are no notifications. This is also the cause of the rounded corners problem, as the CSS renderer doesn't match the last-child rule if the next child is hidden.


  • Group help and notifications with the hamburger menu. This avoids the rounded corners problem, and the issue of the colours looking wrong because it is a set of one, but is hacky.
  • Destroy the notifications icon when not in use. This would involve a bit of a rewrite as in theory it's possible to push notifications after load and the button should appear when this happens.
  • Ungroup help and notifications. This avoids all the problems here.

This doesn't appear to be a problem anymore (not even on MonoBook, which still uses the original toolbar design), or I'm misunderstanding your description. In the future, please file bugs with screenshots. :(

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