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VisualEditor: Copying a template from one page to another: render is correct, but template is gone.
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Let's copy the relatively simple {{irc}} template from


  1. Open both pages in Edit mode.
  1. Copy "#wikimedia-meetbotconnect" from one page and paste it in the other.


The template is copied as i to the destination page.


If selecting only the text generated by the template, Ctrl-C seems to be not enough. Ctrl-V in the other page will still paste whatever you hadd in your clipboard before.

If selecting the text of the template plus some extra text, then Ctrl-C does copy something, and Ctrl-V does paste a visually equivalent text.

However, when checking the wikitext source of the page one can see that the original template has been rendered as HTML.


If this is part of a secret, long-term Parsoid plan to convert all template instances to HTML, fine. However, if this is not the intended behavior... ;)

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Qgil created this task.Dec 12 2013, 11:13 PM (Command-F to search for "Commons") shows the same kind of problem, except that the result doesn't look right. The image is missing, the box is missing, and the text is on the left rather than on the right. The appendices are duplicated in that diff, so you can see both what's wrong (the first set of ==External links==) and what it ought to do (the very bottom of the page).

Can't reproduce this issue...

I can no longer reproduce this in Firefox. It's been months since the last time I remember seeing this.