VisualEditor: Add a Preview feature to show actual version of page (minus slugs, etc.)
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VisualEditor has some deliberate/non-buggy differences in its display, compared to what readers will see on a saved page, such as the addition of blank lines/slugs to make adding new items at the top of a page. These differences sometimes confuse users.

Add a preview button so that users can see the final version, rather than the slightly different VisualEditor version.

See Also:
*T49790: VisualEditor: Slugs should be more obvious to the user that they're not "really" blank lines
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*T39931: VisualEditor: Highlight changes made since save in some way (e.g. with a text-background?) so users can see what changes they have outstanding


bzimport set Reference to bz60535.

Suggestion from SarahTehCat: Use the 'Live Preview' system (if it's stable).

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