VisualEditor: Ever-growing list of edit summary menus if using the gadget
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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Enable the edit-summary gadget at the English Wikipedia as described in Bug 63314.
  1. Make a small change to any page. Click "Save". Notice the two drop-down menus underneath the edit summary textarea.
  1. Oops, you need to make another change before you save. Close the save dialog (e.g., press the Escape key).
  1. No, that change is not important (or make another change; it doesn't matter). Go back to 'Save'.
  1. Count the number of dropdown menus present.

Reproducible: Always

Repeating this process several times resulted in at least four pairs of dropdown menus in Firefox before I gave up.

In Safari, I got two pairs, and then (consistently) on the third time, VisualEditor seemed to crash (whole page grays out [or "whites out", really], nothing happens until I hit Escape). But after pressing Escape, everything's fine, and the process can be repeated several more times, resulting in half a dozen pairs of drop downs. (The white/apparent crash comes back after a few more rounds, but just press Escape again and keep going.)

Saving the page was ultimately successful.

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor


bzimport set Reference to bz63316.

Bugs with gadgets aren't tracked in Bugzilla (per community request about forking the discussion from on-wiki venues), so marking this as INVALID, sorry.

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