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Allow per-wiki customizable fields on upload form (e.g., for source)
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Author: dzordz

On the file upload page, it would be best to have a separate "Source URL:"
field where the uploader should write in the full Internet address she got the
file from (unless she is the creator). Preferably, one would also have a
mechanism by which the uploader would be warned (and/or file appropriately
tagged) if this field is left empty. This would obviously strongly assist
administrators in enforcing copyright on Wikimedia projects, but even more
importantly, it would have a psychological effect on users in making them
acutely aware of the issue. We have many users on Serbian Wikipedia - and
certainly many other Wikipedias too - who wrong not because they intentionally
want to steal material but because they grew up in what could be described as a
copyright infingement culture. If we can make this a form field (not just
the "please do this and don't do that" lingo), I am sure 90%+ of them would
simply honestly write in the address, after which the admins could easily check
the copyright status.

Dzordzm (bureaucrat on Serbian Wikipedia)

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Severity: enhancement



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ayg wrote:

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ayg wrote:

The request isn't general enough for third parties, who mostly don't give a rat's arse about copyright. I'm generalizing the request to permit arbitrary fields, which should be concatenated according to a system message. This is of course inferior to a proper configurable upload wizard.

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