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Preferences: Update button classes and layout to use mediawiki.ui classes and conventions
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Mediawiki.ui Normal and Quiet buttons for Preferences

Right align controls, swap order and use Normal style for [Update Preferences] (formerly "Save") and mediawiki.ui.quite for Restore Default Preferences (formerly "Restore all default settings (in all sections)")

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I like the idea of right-aligning the controls and swapping the order.

I'm uncertain about "Update Preferences". Perhaps "Save changes"?

I'd rather that the "Restore defaults" bit looked like an actual button (maybe a thin grey line around it?).

WhatamIdoing, the rationale for Update Preferences is that in mediawiki.ui we're trying to have more specific action buttons that are clear about what you're doing rather than generalities. I'm happy to iterate on the exact language, but I'd love it to make mention of what you're saving/updating/confirming.

the restore defaults is in the mewdiawiki.ui "quiet" state that you'll be seeing a lot more once we're fully integrated into core with all the button styles. I know it might not feel as buttony as you're used to but hopefully with ios 7 and android L becoming more prevalent people will get used to a "button" that is just text (isn't that what wikipedia is already?)

We have a Neutral style button that is white with a surround that we could go to is people are getting confused, but ideally this is a binary option and the pairing of normal and quiet buttons, is just what this is made for.

"Restore default preferences" seems like a perfect mw-ui-destructive.

It erases *all* your preferences and (unlike most on-wiki actions) it is not undoable. However, there is a confirm step. Not sure if destructive should be on both, or just the final action (the confirm button that actually erases your preferences).

Also, "in all sections" is verbose, but that should be conveyed somehow if possible (otherwise, people might think it was only the current tab). Perhaps it is enough to put it on the confirmation screen.


Good thinking, lets use neutral.quite for "Restore defaults" and something like destructive.normal for [Reset All Preferences] with quiet Cancel as the secondary action within the dialog. I think it would be weird to have two destructive in a row, and its not actually destructive (yet) until you hit the second dialog.

The button is now green with $wgEnableMediaWikiUIEverywhere
You can see this in action on:

Change 156838 had a related patch set uploaded by Jdlrobson:
Update preferences form buttons

Change 157709 had a related patch set uploaded by TheDJ:
Correct button colours of preference page when $wgUseMediaWikiUIEverywhere is enabled

I broke out the alignment change into bug 70269

Change 157709 merged by jenkins-bot:
Correct button colours of preference page when $wgUseMediaWikiUIEverywhere is enabled

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Please do not right-align, if possible. On my LTR interface all the checkboxes are closer to the left edge of the screen, and I just move down to save. When using mouse it would mean an additional movement to the right.