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VisualEditor: Support editing {{int:name}} blocks
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This is related to T52855 about parser functions and magic words.

When I have a sentence on a page like this:

Choose the "{{int:visualeditor-dialogbutton-reference-tooltip}}" item in the "{{int:visualeditor-toolbar-insert}}" menu.

I want to be able to:

(1) copy and paste;
(2) edit; and
(3) create

the {{int:foo}} parts.

Right now, I can only copy them for re-use elsewhere on the page if I select a bigger block of text (so "{{int:visualeditor-toolbar-insert}}", but not just {{int:visualeditor-toolbar-insert}}).

I can't edit them at all; it's an uneditable alienated text block. Given the long strings of similar names for some of these items, it would be really handy to be able to copy and paste something like {{int:visualeditor-toolbar-insert}} and only need to change the "insert" bit to "cite-label", or to fix a typo in the name.

It would also be nice to have a sensible system for creating these things. At the moment, it can only be done through this sequence: Insert > Template, "Other options", Content, type in the wikitext, and Insert transclusion.

However, my main concern is just being able to edit existing ones.



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Update: I can insert parser functions by adding a "template" named (for example) "int:vector-view-edit". It says there's no TemplateData, but it adds it.

Update: I can insert parser functions by adding a "template" named (for example) "int:vector-view-edit". It says there's no TemplateData, but it adds it.

Given that it's now possible to easily transclude and move interface messages, I'm closing this. I've opened T106755 for the low-priority challenge of making it more user-friendly.

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It is still not possible to edit them, e.g., to fix a typo. You have to delete them and re-create them. This is perhaps not surprising, since you can't fix a typo in a template name, either.

@Whatamidoing-WMF, fair point. Do you want to file a separate task for changing the name of an existing transclusion?

I believe that has already been filed and declined for templates, although I can't find it. Do you want to handle transcluded magic words and the like differently from transcluded templates? (Is that even feasible?)

@Whatamidoing-WMF, I'm sure it's possible, but generally we shouldn't introduce behavioral inconsistencies without a good reason. Whatever the decision on changing the name of a transclusion is, it should probably apply to all types of transclusions.