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Link for adding interwiki does not work on Swedish Wikipedia
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Screencast of trying to add a link for a new page

When trying to add interwiki links on new pages on Swedish Wikipedia results are very different. It seem to work fine in Firefox. However in Chrome, there are different results depending on if the beta function Compact personal bar is activated or not. If not, the link is shown, but an error message is shown. If enabled, the link is not in shown but if hovering there, the icon is shown. The attached video shows the behaviour

The error was first reported (with more observations) on:

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Severity: normal
Whiteboard: u=dev c=frontend p=0
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If not, the link is shown, but an error message is shown.

What is the error message?

i tried and cannot reproduce the issue on sv.wikipedia

The error appears related to a gadget? I think I have that enabled, tried compact personal bar and compact language links and still can't reproduce.

my guess is maybe a caching issue with old javascript or such?

for some people (with monobook), the issue might be which is fixed but might not be deployed yet.

The error message is: wikibase-error-unexpected

Yes Aude, probably related to gadgets. I tried with my bot account which has no gadgets or userscripts and I do not get that error. Interestingly I get a notification about not being centrally logged in (which persits even after logging in, see new screencast).

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Noit getting central login.


When appending debug=true to the URL (using no gadgets or user scripts), the following extra information is given in the console:

JQMIGRATE: jQuery.parseJSON requires a valid JSON string
mw.Api error: http Object {xhr=Object, textStatus="error", ...}

I've just played around with this for a bit and couldn't reproduce the issues with the compact personal toolbar. The rest is bug 48389.