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jquery.tipsy tooltips don't display correctly close to the edge of the sceen
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In LTR mode, then the tooltip is close to the edge of the screen, the tip points to the wrong place. (The tooltip is moved so that it doesn't extend outside the screen, and the tip is moved as well.)

In RTL mode, the tooltip just goes outside the screen. (Might be a consequence of the ResourceLoader direction flipping.)

Version: 1.24rc
Severity: normal



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Is the bug still valid? It seems that now (1.26alpha 2e05594) there is no code enabled by default responsible for handling the 'tooltip is close to the screen edge' situation. instead, there is a $.fn.tipsy.autoBounds function (it needs to be passed as gravity option to tipsy() function) which changes the tooltip gravity depending on how far it is from the document edge - and this one works well for me, both in LTR and RTL mode.