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Approve the Phabricator project guidelines
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Before announcing the opening of new project requests, we should be on the same page about the process.

Please check and comment or edit accordingly.

This process should be applied to all new project requests.

PS: we might want to enforce it to the existing projects (especially the Policy part, where we probably have many exceptions for no good reason) but there is no rush for this, and we can discuss it in a new task if needed.

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Slightly related: T706: Requests for addition to the #acl*Project-Admins group (in comments). Not blocking a quick approval of the current draft guidelines.

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As discussed in meeting today (input by Chase mostly):

Page edited, and I think this is good enough to open the gates. From now on, please create only projects following this process (sprint and release projects can be created right away)

Fixed with a link.

  • Drop Hashtags for the time being? Confusing.

Done. Hashtags are still covered in the guidelines.

  • Question to add to users: Is this project (membership) restricted to a certain number of users?

The actual question is why the membership of a new project needs to be restricted, and we need to ask it to those requesting it. They need to be aware that, by restricting membership, they are also restricting how easy is to subscribe to / watch the activity of their project. See

  • Move visibility to the bottom and explain why this project needs to be more strict?

Actually I cannot think of any use case to limit the visibility of a project. See

... and announced.

What does "drop hashtags" mean? I see a hashtags section at, but I'm not sure what purpose it serves.

It means this, simplifying the instructions for requesting a new project.

Hashtags are explained here:

I have just learned something interesting about project permissions. The "Editable By" permission also defines who can move cards in the workboard of the project. Test:

Many teams are concerned about users not really aware of what is a sprint go and mess with their boards, where every card is in a certain position for a reason. This solves the project. While "backlog" type of projects can be editable by all users making it easier to watch their activity, sprint type of projects (disposable after a few weeks and heavily managed) could be set to Editable By the team. I would not put this as a default recommendation, but I would mention it in the guidelines as a possibility especially for Sprint and Release types of projects.

Posting this here because it's probably not worth an own task...

Posting this here because it's probably not worth an own task...

Ah, the right place for this topic is T819: Restricting modification of tasks when they enter sprints.