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Move Wikibase specific code out of and
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Wikibase is an extension, and should have a instead of being in and

We already keep the tests in


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T108440: Pull out all Wikibase-related parts of pywikibot to pywikibot/wikibase and use it as a submodule
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Can we please work on getting the existing patches committed before the split.

We should delay new major patches until after the split.

Change 182407 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ricordisamoa):
Move Wikibase-specific code into


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Anyone is welcome to amend my Gerrit patch. I am not able to fix it myself.

Change 182407 abandoned by Ricordisamoa:
Move Wikibase-specific code into

We have now pywikibot/wikibase

I am strictly against splitting main parts of the framework out of the current project. On bot owner side it is more difficult to combine a working bot, on developers side it is more difficult to check the code when it is distributed on several parts.

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